Come Learn With Us

We are a team of highly skilled engineers, marketers, operators and entrepreneurs.
We are artists and athletes, poets and chefs, movers and shakers.
But most importantly, we are lifelong learners, focused on a single mission:
to empower our communities through access to education.

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Here's What We Value
Our Customers Above All
We go above and beyond to serve, empower and delight our customers.
Starting with Why
We bring powerful focus to our work by clearly articulating the goal of every effort.
Creative Execution
We dig deep to invent, simplify and unearth new approaches & solutions.
We take responsibility, hit deadlines, demand the highest standards and never give up.
Integrity & Authenticity
We operate without fear, enabling us to be open, honest and real.
A Powerful Sense of Team
We are an over-communicating, over-caring, over-empathizing team of go-givers.
Lifelong Learning
We are humble learners, forever striving to improve our company and ourselves.
Life at CourseHorse

Unlimited Paid Time Off
We trust our team members to take a paid vacation whenever they want or need it.

CourseHorse Scholarships
We give every team member $100 to spend on CourseHorse classes every month

Celebrations & Team Retreats
Expect cupcakes, cards and lots of love as we celebrate many a mini-milestone!

Flexible Work Policy
Whether we’re in the office or on the go, we know that great work can happen wherever our team members are.

Lots of Horse Puns
We might ask you to grab the reins or trot on over to grab water (if your throat is horse).

Team Environment
We put tremendous effort into cultivating a strong group, full of smart & capable individuals who believe in the power of teamwork.

Check Out Open Positions!
Job PositionDate PostedLocation
Full Stack Software Engineer 5/11/2018 New York, NY
What Inspires Us

To get to know our character a bit better, we recommend a smattering of cultural
and educational content—the stuff that gives us goosebumps every time:

David Foster Wallace’s Commencement Address
Ken Robinson & RSA - Changing Education Paradigms
Taylor Mali - What Teachers Make
Ryan Holiday - Advice to Those Hoping to Go Somewhere
Ira Glass on Creativity

Our Favorites

Lifelong learning is quid pro quo at CourseHorse.
We're excited about inspiring others to learn,
AND learning ourselves. With that, here are some classes
we make it a point to take in our spare time:

Welding Classes
Pottery Classes
Floral Design Classes
Sewing Classes
BYOB Painting Classes
Calligraphy Classes
Millinery Classes
Embroidery Classes
Quilting Classes
Painting Classes
Woodworking Classes
Printmaking Classes

What Our Team Says About Working Here

Jonathan Baxter (Bax) – Chief Architect

"I've never had a job where every single one of my colleagues so deeply cared about making anything and everything better – the lives of our students and schools, ourselves, and each other. It's an amazing feeling and motivates me every day."

Jesse Rothman – Director of Customer Experience & Community

"Every day I wake up and have new challenges ahead of me that I get to tackle with intelligent, capable, ambitious, and most importantly, good people. It's the kind of company that allows you to push boundaries and gives you room to create your own opportunities, and I've learned more about my capabilities here than at any other job."

Athena Gough – Director of Education

"What I really love about being here is knowing that we are helping people find opportunities to learn about something important to them. They might be able to change their career or learn about an art form they turn out to be really good at. They might learn something that changes their lives, and I love that we are a vehicle that helps make that easier for people."

Ryan Morris – VP of Engineering

"The team at CourseHorse is the genuine article. Everyone here is extremely smart, capable, and independent, yet there's a definite sense of trust that maintains a strong bond amongst this small, scrappy team. If I were aboard a starship exploring the outer reaches of space, these people would be my ideal crew."

Keith Cutler – Director of Education

"I enjoy working at CourseHorse because of the dynamic environment and culture. I like knowing everything I do truly makes an impact on our students, schools, and the company. It's a great feeling to know that I'm helping people connect with classes that help them fulfill their goals, while at the same time helping schools & small business owners make an impact."